Holy crap, where did the day go? Oh well.

I didn’t bring my Scrooge McDuck stick with me, and I’m a dumbface for doing that because I am soooo worn out and I could have used it rather than looking for the nearest table/anything resembling a chair to rest at. It’s especially redonkulous because this is one of those canes you can shrink with a button (like umbrellas). Boo me!

That aside… I have a synthroid script again. YAAAAAAY.
BUT, I can’t go pick it up until tomorrow because the pharmacy is restocking, BOOOOO.

Hell, what’s another day, anyway? I’ve also been advised to chug vitamins– either/or a women or unisex multivitamin– which totally makes sense and probably should have been doing anyway. Because of Evil Stepfather, we have vitamins and the like up the wazoo, so no need to bundle ’em into the synthroid script (putting in that iron pill made mother freak out until I pointed it out that “Ferrous Sulfate” = LOL IRON SUPPLEMENT).

And finally… this detail made me consider locking, but upon further consideration, it was pretty much obvious anyway. I’ve been tapped for a psych referral for my depression.
Booo, extension of the black mark on my record. (Even if I’m paying cash, this stuff ends up in my file all the same.) Welp, I’m pretty much uninsurable aside from PCIP (and even that’s being a pain about letting me in… not to mention it’s a little expensive and may not be worth it for the moment. I need to do more number-crunching on that side). Whatever happens, I hope the sessions don’t drain my wallet too much. x_x
But, this depression has been dogging me for, well, as long as I can remember. Can’t run from it forever, it’s been chewing on my head pretty much my entire childhood, and I’ve never really known life outside of it. More importantly, there is absolutely NO WAY to realistically address my being a fat chick without treating the depression part first– it’s counterproductive to tell someone like me to go lose weight in a vacuum without addressing the other problems. It IS possible to trigger the startup of some kind of weight loss by means of reinstating my synthroid in addition to therapy, as I get my stamina and will to live back, but… yeah, if we were to do drastic crap like what mother would surely think (throw me blindly into a hardcore diet + exercise routine) that would TOTALLY ask for failure.
We can’t really exclude mother from this, because that’s also what caused my last attempt at therapy to fail… but I don’t want her sticking her fingers too much into this round if I can help it. >_>; I, uh, also haven’t told her i’ve been tapped with this referral yet… I was so winded and such getting out. Uhm…. I’ll just say it’s new policy for thyroid patients. That sounds plausible enough!

Most importantly, brain fog will GTFO, like, soon. Give it a couple days to take effect and then I’ll whack the Randomizer Block and see what happens on the art front! :O

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