I cleaned up my room a little bit today (as much as I could do with brain fog and wearing out easily, anyway). Now my rolly-table is back in order, meaning Dinah is no longer confined to being “docked” on her chill pad and I can use her as an actual laptop with minimal cables… or none, if I’m feeling daring. I forget that my ninja laptop has a battery that doesn’t suck– the only real battery-killer is video, so as long as I keep that to a minimum I can make her last the better part of an afternoon. Of course, when I’m out and about, I’ll surely keep her power brick on hand, but MacBook power bricks are much smaller than those for Windows-based laptops. :P

This is all part of my greater goal, to eventually move my bed so it is flush with the HDTV and thus I won’t have to crane my head to look at the screen. But there are some secondary effects… as much of a pain is it to do ANY kind of physical work, I gotta do it eventually. Unlike others in my family, though, I consider even the smallest action a victory… I remember all those times getting yelled at because I allegedly didn’t do “enough” despite not being given some kind of parameters. So, even clearing off my rolly-table to deploy it, and putting away some widgets that had piled up… sure, doesn’t sound like much, but it’s SOMETHING, which is much, much better than nothing.

Slow and steady wins the race, they say. This is so, so true for a big person who’s clawing her way out of a pit. I just have to remember this and not be distracted by those who would shout at me to “do it faster.”

Put another way, I’m not waiting on synthroid to try and work on things, though I know being liberated from brain fog will help things along significantly. I don’t want to think something like the medicine I should have been more vigilant in taking is going to fix everything, but more like it will be a much-needed jump-start to other things (for one thing, I need to find some way to slip out for walks to recover my stamina… which in turn will lead to my being able to train in the Yoshi Car and find other, more visually-appealing places to walk because, really, the tract housing around here is not that much fun to look at).

One thing I need to do right after I post, though? Order a freaking handheld shower head. I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about that for so long… didn’t have any, for some reason, so it’s Amazon for me. :P I guess I’m just spooked about asking for installation. >_>;

So, let’s see… I have laundry done (woo), I just need to shower because I know I won’t be able to Monday morning… and Tuesday I’m hopefully going to break out my CD to refill the Magic Coin Block before the next Allstate bill hits. :P

And the shower head.

Which I’m going to pull up and loot…


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