Boo of the Day

Huh… coulda sworn I did another public post recently. Oh well. Oddly enough, this is yet ANOTHER Domino’s post.

Boy, I knew they were going to screw up eventually, but not like this! So, I had epic craving for chicken parmesan sammiches and everyone was out for the day (appointments and errands). So, time to ring up Domino’s! Well, ping them, actually.

I kinda had a bad feeling about ordering out while home alone… sometimes what happens is that mother brings home dinner without telling me and… uh, yeah, that’s awkward. Instead, it’s Domino’s that screws up: they got the pizza right (sliced sausage is, in fact, quite nomtasty), but… well, look!

What is wrong with this picture? Well, there is no sauce for one thing. (I don’t mind sauce! Really! It’s supposed to be here, as is standard for chicken parmesan-anything.) Also… ham/bacon pieces. WTF? That’s not even an option in the sandwich builder– there’s only options about sauce, chicken and cheese load. Nothing REMOTELY suggesting bacon and/or ham. Um… yeah. Sorry to say, Dominos, but this gets you Boo of the Day, and BECAUSE this is the day before Yoshi Day, you get Double Penalty.

Partial boo on me because I shoulda checked while I was accepting the delivery, but it was soooo hot out and the driver looked like he didn’t want to stand in the heat that long either. Nonetheless, I’ve filed a complaint via Dominos’ Cares (corporate support) and if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll see I’ve made a scene up in there, too. Whether or not they refund me or give me free pizza credit, I don’t care… I can salvage the sandwiches to make them edible (it’s just a matter of plucking off the ham/bacon pieces and I’ve extra marinara modules from Jack in the Box), but that this happened at all is very much boo. I really hope this was just some weird server bug, and not, say, some employee who thought it would be funny to pull an early April Fools prank on me. >:(

This is, of course, not a Boo of the Day without the appropriate BOO THIS MAN, so without further ado…


There is a happy, albeit totally unrelated end. As far as I knew, this Yoshi Day was going to be just epic cake and me being lazy… but I’ve gotten 3 loot notices, and one of them is supposed to hit TODAY. (Slow UPS truck is slow. I’m assuming, therefore, it is NOT a cookie bomb, since those are usually classified as time-sensitive/perishable, no?) Hardcore yay points to [info]neophoenixte, [info]brendala and [info]a_cha. :D Seriously, out of left field (and after today’s boo moment, much-needed) and awesomesauce! I promised a Skype-based unboxing for Neo’s loot as soon as he gets off work (unless I can get a Justin.TV stream going since it auto-archives…), but I’ll try to get YouTubes of the other unboxings as they come in. :D

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