Another post about pizza: the Domino’s conundrum

So some time back, I gave Domino’s another chance after a hella-long hiatus and decided that they hadn’t changed all that much from how I remember to justify that they had indeed overhauled themselves to become as awesome as their ad campaign claimed.

And it would have ended there, but then I happened upon their chicken parmesan sandwiches, and holy freaking crap those are redonkulously tasty, so much that I would forgive their otherwise “meh” pizza. I could just… only order the sandwiches but I still need a pizza fix too, so I’m trying to fine-tune their pizza into something I could actually look forward to eating. (As it stands, Costco and Papa Johns are the only ones that send me into a “DO WANT, GIVE, NOW” nom-fury at the mere thought. Especially Costco. I would give them all my pizza money forever if they had online ordering.)

Pretty much, my chief issue is with the sauce, and even there it largely depends on what crust type is used with it. (as far as toppings go, assume sausage and pepperoni, normal cheese) Hand-tossed with normal sauce is barely tolerable, so this time I tried Brooklyn w/ light sauce… which behaves like there’s no sauce at all (which is not bad but, you know, it’s okay to have SOME sauce!). Maybe next time… Brooklyn w/ normal sauce. Or I could go in a completely different direction and go Deep Dish, like I did for much of my childhood. :P

In a perfect world, I could loot the actual pizza from Costco (or Papa Johns if I had to have sausage + garlic dip), sides from Pizza Hut and chicken parmesan sandwiches from Domino’s every time I wanted this kind of feast. Doable, yes… practical in execution? Not really!

In other news: Holy crap, February’s almost over already? That means March… which means COUNTDOWN TO YOSHI DAY EPISODE 27. If we follow the rules of anime, this would mean this is the first episode of the second season. Hm…

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