Celestial Thorn, the iPhone

Did I say how much I love love LOVE my Verizon iPhone?

Because I do. I mean, my LG enV was awesome for the 3-ish years I had it, but I was really glad Verizon got the iPhone when it did because my battery had gone to crap.

For one thing, which turned out to be my greatest annoyance from my old phone: no more having to worry about running out of room for incoming TXT/MMS messages, EVER. YES! As far as I know, the concept of the message inbox has been done away with entirely in favor of threading by contacts in something like iChat (AIM for Mac). On previous phones, I kept having to clean out my message inbox, which means I’d end up losing TXTs I’d wanted to keep. It wasn’t so bad for picture/video since I could save those out to the SD card, but since everything is saved on the iPhone’s giant hard drive (relative to… whatever piddly storage was on old feature and semi-feature phones), I can hold as many messages as I want henceforth. YAY!

I need to find out how mother’s inserting extra icons into her messages (she’s using cheeseburger and dollar sign and other icons). I’m thinking it’s probably a different app than the normal version. As much as I facepalm at her spamminess, those icons are cute and rather unobtrusive…

I haven’t played around too much with the camera, aside from a single shot of Kestine. This will almost certainly change in the near-future. For one thing, no more having to send pic-tweets as MMS, now I can upload directly to TwitPic via TweetDeck, with video-tweets going to YouTube. :P As for future camera abuse… let’s just say that I’m going to need to address this “buh I talk funny and I don’t like the sound of my own voice” and possibly have to correct this by force… and possibly your great amusement. Stay tuned.

In other news, I’m totally getting a heart-shaped Papa Johns pizza today. Tried to get one a few days ago but for some reason I got locked out of online ordering. I’d like to think I’ll, uh, compensate for this and yesterday’s Jack in the Box by following Kestine and other kitties around with my iPhone. >_>;

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