(WIP/Gourmet) Pink, Red and More Pink

Sup, doods. Who got Gourmet Ramen marching orders? Me. Rather than doing each to completion before doing the next, working all 3 at once by phase (in this case, wireframe). Let’s dance.

PSP2!Chelsea (yup, these are for [info]seraphzero). “I solve debates with guns!” or something. This angle is a punk, of course, but at the same time badass.

Avatar Asuka, armor redesign “Zero” since she got rebuilt. If you can see it, there’s evidence that I was going to give her a double-saber instead but the positioning wasn’t going to work, so back to twin sabers or something. Flaming energy wings will have to wait until the end of the paint phase, though.

This one in the commission order is pretty much a wildcard, and I ended up not using any of the prompts. Instead… RT!Chelsea, munching on popcorn while lying around… somewhere. I’ve not yet determined the context– is she on a giant Poring beanbag, or on a bed, or some Prinny commandeered to be used as a pillow? And what’s she laughing at? Maybe something on the sphere-TV. It’s not as messy as the other two since it’s not done yet, I stopped to post screencaps since I’m starting to blink over here.

They all look teeny because the PSD file is 1600×1200. Har har har.

Finishing the last wireframe and inking all 3 tomorrow, hopefully with fewer distractions.

FYI for doods who buy Gourmet Ramen: you have the option of sitting on Blastoise via TightVNC (I have LogMeIn, but TightVNC is better for these) and barking directions at me via Skype. Useful if you have super-specific details or you just want to make sure everything is right the first time.

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