Birds, birds everywhere… also fire

Man… this is freaking Angry Birds week. No iOS device or Android phone? No problem, anymore! If you have a PC (ideally a netbook, but it’ll work on anything running Windows XP or 7), you can loot Angry Birds for $5 through Intel’s AppUp store. It looks like you get the first four episodes off the bat– Episode 5 may either appear after clearing Episode 4 or could be patched in later. *shrug*
Despite what Intel says, you CAN force it into Windowed mode if you edit the config.lua file in the Angry Birds program directory– simply set the fullscreen setting to “false” and it will launch in a much more manageable window. You could even play with the resolution if you were so inclined.

If you have a PSP or a PS3, on the other hand, you’ll be able to loot Angry Birds later this week as it will be hitting the PSN store as a PSP minis. I don’t know how much that one will be going for, but PSP minis games are supposed to be less than $10.

I’m looting both, because… it’s Angry Birds. It’s kinda like how I own nearly every version of SimCity and Final Fantasy 4 (in the case of the latter, released in English). I imagine it’ll be drastically different experiences between the mobile, PC and console versions since you have to account for different trajectories when launching the birds….

Also? This is totally not helping to work on my ramen backlog. XD; I suppose I can get away with playing just a little…

OH… if you happened to catch yesterday’s NSFW, you might have seen this thing flashed during the opening. Yes, that would be my shenanigans and tomfoolery… done on EXTREMELY short order at the challenge of the chat room. It killed both hosts with lulz, and got me at least a dozen more Twitter followers, woo! (Episode reference @ BBPedia: [link])
Don’t worry too much if it doesn’t make any sense– at the very least, it is always funny to see other people done up like Beavis and Butthead.

You’ll be able to see the episode again tonight, as it’s being replayed at 7pm PST on TWiT Live. :D Now if you excuse me, I have some pigs to bomb.

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