PoopStation Plausible

Buh, doods. I was all about to patch my clunky ol’ PSP so I could loot Phantasy Star Portable 2 and reroll Avatar Blastoise in all his CAST badassery and so I could go bother [info]seraphzero and friends. Since Best Buy didn’t have any copies in stock, I’d have to get it through the PlayStation Network.

BUT… my PSP decided it was going to keep turning itself off, even though it was at full battery charge AND plugged in. WTF. Weirder still, if I pull the cable after it crashes, the green light stays on. Google and such says that my PSP is pretty much hosed.

….BOOOOO. Yeah, there’s a second PSP downstairs that I could swap out for, but it’s just as old (they’re both 1st gen, PSP-1000 series) and probably wouldn’t last much longer. So, new PSP time for me.

Which… would not cost me much out of pocket, actually! I’ve got the $100 gift card that came with Dinah, and another $25 in Rewards Zone certs that spawned by buying Dinah (think about it… laptop purchase = crapton of Rewards Zone points!), so that instantly shaves off $125.

Just as well. 3000-series PSPs have video out and native charge-over-USB (where I had to loot a combo cable for my old PSP). I’ll put in the order after I sleep.

In other news, extending Snowschemes window until end of January, because I got so behind on that front. Slow Yoshi is sloooooow.


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