(Instant Ramen REWIND) Noodly Nibblers

Har har har, Blizzard. Very funny, moving WoW server maintenance to this morning, after I manage to reset my normal sleep cycle to roughly midnight-6am. But, at the same time, this also means I can work on Snowschemes. SNOMG!

(Seriously, Cataclysm is that awesome… I make no excuses for letting it eat my computer time. Extra yay for being able to sass it up with my brother. :D)

To prod myself into the proper mindset, EPIC REPOST time. Let’s revisit some awesome Snowschemes of Christmases past~

The very first, done the same year as I got my first Aiptek. Yes, Reindeer Numair was around from the beginning.

Oh my jeebus cripes, this one was a colossal pain to paint because it was “LOL DRYBRUSH ONLY” and I hadn’t quite mastered dramatic lighting yet… but yeah. Huge tree is HUGE.

2005 was obviously a major year in ramen– in my usual slowness I’d finally seen Azumanga Daioh and it… kinda shows here. XD This also introduced some of the memes that would recur in future Snowschemes (in this case, the danger of letting Velan handle castle lighting).

The first appearance of Chelsea in a Snowscheme. Also establishes the existence of the Reindeer Brigade.

The first instance of the Mistletoe configuration of Hikaru’s Maximillian plate armor.

Snow in windows. Do you know how much goes into that? You stack the drybrushing and then you have to hard-trim out the excess to replicate the “smooshed up against the glass in the corners” effect.
That aside, somewhat tempted to attempt a remake of this, from a different angle or time point. Just saying. >_>;

Those lights are powered by magic, so they don’t get (too) hot.
Also… BEEP.

The overhaul of Chelsea’s holiday armor set. Why did nobody think to get a ladder?

Numair and Velan joining forces for Christmas lulz = Santa Prinny Squad rightfully freaks the hell out.

Fun lighting is fun. Reminds me of college drawing classes in which you’d do sketches on medium/dark paper. Spoony’s face (>:9) cracks me up so much. XD

Multi-panels + anonymous hordes + prinnies = never again! Too much to cram in here.
That said… Aries was the best part of this. FAIL SANTA IS FAIL. XD

I’ll, uh, leave you to debate the reasoning behind the inclusion of these and not others… and other technical hooey and blah. Meanwhile, my cat is trying to swat at my tablet pen, so I should probably go intervene before something bad happens. :P

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