(WIP) A Shammy and a Priest walk into a bar

12/17. Aka “PHIL DAY,” doods, because old man is awesome no matter the universe he appears in. Also I’ve this thing about not letting father’s birthday pass by unnoticed and therefore risk fading into oblivion. >_>;;;

Where last year the Phil Day pic was in Ragnarok TWILIGHT and had old man Phil Paring and some Prinnies, this time it’s the WoW incarnation of Phil (on the right with DELICIOUS CAKE) going pub-raiding with his space goat BFF Akaycia. (Robert’s shammy. And as badass as his Armory entry makes him look, he really is that silly ingame. :P)

I got a small second wind earlier after nibbling on PBJs, so I went and did the above wireframe. (And if you’re wondering… I’m not too happy with the snowball fight Snowscheme right now, I’ll figure something out.) I’ll otherwise make no excuses– I’ve totally been eyes-deep in Cataclysm to do much drawing. >_>; I’ll try not to lurk in bed so much and ink this before logging in tonight, if only to see my brother WTF at it. XD

Also, I need to set up cookie bombs and such. Slow Yoshi is slooooow. :P

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