Footdragging contest

I like my doctor. He’s probably the nicest I’ve had of all the doctors I’ve gone through since my ass got booted from Kaiser. Bonus: liberal, geek doctor! Yay!

But… but… his front desk/receptionist staff SUCKS! I can’t say that they hate cash patients since this happens when I so much as call for an appointment and thus would not know who I am, but they either don’t pick up, or they do and INSTANTLY put me on hold… and then never answer again. I’ve tried calling in five times– including today, as of a half-hour ago– this week to get an appointment, and every time I’ve been put into a black hole. When I was last at the clinic, I saw how they work– they put the dood on hold, then either chatter in the back, or BS doing something else… it’s really not that hard to multi-task, is it? Seriously, this passes for customer service? WTF. I already hate using the phone for stuff like this, but to get jerked around by the laziest front desk EVER…no, do not want, GTFO >_<

I don’t really need this nonsense right now. Mother keeps coming back to be a drama monster about my meds– dude, stop it, yelling at me doesn’t make the receptionist stop being a lazy dumbass who puts me into a black hole. I don’t know why they pull this nonsense… do they not want people to make appointments or something? If that’s the case, no wonder they’ve been dragging their feet on putting some sort of online appointment booking system in place.

So the only thing I can think of doing now is… well, go to the freaking clinic on Monday and make the appointment in person (may as well try to do it same-day since I’m physically going up there). I need to make it really worth dragging Robert out for awhile >_>; I’ll bug him about it when I log into WoW in a bit.


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