Not sticky OR long

I wish my mother would quit going from zero to drama monster if I as much as do something different for the day. HOLY CRAP I wanted to curl up and play Angry Birds (and also watch to see if neighbors start putting up/turning on house lights) and mother goes off on me, thinking “OMG IS YOUR COMPUTER BROKEN?!” or “YOU’RE GETTING SICK, AREN’T YOU? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU” and other such nonsense. FFS.

(speaking of Angry Birds… when is the Christmas patch going to hit? It’s being rolled into the Halloween episode, which I presume will be renamed to “Holiday Edition” or something to differentiate it from the core game.)

Snoooowscheeeemes. I really should start drawing one of those. I also need to go drag out my tiny little tree– my weeny 1-foot tall synthetic tree with blue lights. At least, I THINK the lights still work. But yes, I ought to start on holiday art stuff… mostly the problem is choosing the opening act! :O

Also: o hi, Mrs. Fields! What’s this? a $20 loyalty credit for cookie bombings? :P HMMM. Looks like I’ll have to, uh, set someone up the nom nom bomb, or something. *drags out the Randomizer Block*


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