Apply White Paint Here, Part 2

…my bad. Turns out there IS an OS X client for Hamachi. It has been looted and Dinah joins her siblings on the network, with one teeny caveat: she is incapable of tapping into their files, and can only IM. :P Well, it’s SOMETHING, I guess. (She CAN get into their files via “connect to server” but this is no good if she wanders outside the network.)

I guess this means I’ll have to set up something like Dropbox or what-have-you as a long-term solution. Oh well, such is what comes with a mixed-OS network.

Also, it seems Dinah going into sleep mode kinda breaks network browsing on the Windows machines. XD; There doesn’t appear to be anything equal to hibernate that I know of, so it’s either sleep mode (and break the LAN) or total shutdown. Booo.

Note: I thought I had hit post before going to sleep. Guess not!

(Several hours later…)

Dinah now has WoW. Haven’t gone past login since I’d have to go down the hall and yank my iPod authenticator off Blastoise, but even the login looks hawt. :D Need to transfer my addons though.

CoH is next; Blastoise started pulling the Mac client a few days ago, so it’s just a matter of shoving it over the LAN in a way that Dinah can take it. What’s left? Steam, I guess.

Cripes, I cannot get over how cute this MacBook is, I’m so glad I got it over the MBP. And while it’s made of polycarbonate it has strangely not triggered my allergies by contact. Awesome? :P

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