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Dinah is now white. Like… really white.

Let’s back up a bit. I ended up getting a normal MacBook as opposed to the MacBook Pro– Best Buy did not carry the 13″ model I wanted (well, they did, but one with a more expensive hard drive option), and the only real difference was pretty much a firewire port that I would never use. THUS!

This is so trippy. I’m not a newbie to the whole Apple platform– I’d used Macs at various points during school, but I’ve never had one to call my own. I can dig around through the settings and such, where I wasn’t able to before because they were school/college-owned. This is a little more complex than, say, jumping from Windows XP to Vista/7… I see these apps and I’m all “WTF is this?!” and then a google/wikipedia later “…oh, Mac version of (Windows program I use).” Like… Front Row, for instance– Mac version of Windows Media Center. Cute, subversive names that make your head tilt sideways and think somewhat perpendicularly (is that even a word?!).

And, you know what? MacBooks are freaking CUTE. They kinda look like toys… for all of five minutes, but even after you get over that detail, they’re just so adorable. It’s like a white kitten. They look tiny, but they’re actually adequate, you don’t feel like you’re cramped for hand space. This one is roughly the same size as Dinah’s old body… which only seemed bigger because she had that double-capacity battery that made her butt look bigger. :P

Dinah’s packing a lid-embedded webcam, so she’s Skype/Facetime-ready out of the box. The camera quality isn’t as good as the Logitech eyeball of doom on Blastoise, but it’ll do in a pinch.

As far as punting over my other programs… so far so good. Seems the only permanent casualty is Hamachi– I was pretty sure that the new version had a Mac client, but no dice. (LogMeIn is just now rolling out a Linux beta… here’s hoping they’ll someday get around to an OS X version!) I thought I had a workaround in gBridge but that’s Windows only. Hm. I would really like to avoid having to change my VPN setup if I can help it, but as a last resort… >_>; Maybe I should just get a freaking Dropbox account as a temporary measure…

And that’s just when I’m out and about. I need to figure out how to browse the local network so I can go tapping into Blastoise and Yggdrasil to loot files. Ah, when I first turned Dinah on I was all “oh shit I have to change her name” since it was all “lol i am a MacBook” and, uh, I can’t QUITE go around broadcasting at home that I got a new machine just yet. XD

Painter may be the other tough one to migrate over. Just because it has a Mac version… well… let me put it this way: my usual shady sources tend to favor Windows. *cough* I’m not going to worry too much since 90% of my artwork is done on Blastoise, but it’s prudent to have Dinah properly equipped in case I find I need to draw while I’m out. (Also, does Painter 11 suck on the Mac? It sucks really bad on Windows, I don’t know if the layers crap is across the board or just Windows-only.)

I’m sure I’ll have this all figured out in a few days… all the same, with apologies to Mac users on my LJ/Twitter lists, please indulge my stupid questions from… well, I don’t want to say “Windows defector” since I still have and like my Windows boxes. >_>; Maybe I’m more of a double agent. Actually, I really could do the whole double agent thing via BootCamp if I wanted to… *arrow points to Dinah’s Windows 7 installer*

Finally? LOL @ Apple’s idea of right-click on this multitouch pad. CLICK WITH TWO FINGERS. Fancy that. Also, if you care, Dinah’s crappy starter wallpaper that I threw together 10 minutes before I left today. :P Clearly I will need to update her design to give her white Avatar armor since she’s a white MacBook.

tl;dr version:
– Dinah is freaking cute (white ninja!)
– not new to Mac, but this is the first that is truly mine
– Boo @ no Hamachi (for now)

We were going to hit up Panera (hot chocolate and white shells & cheese, OMNOMFREAKINGNOM) but I got a bit bogged down setting up Dinah and looking over Filia (who, happily, did not require a total purge! woohoo). Thus, tomorrow will be a continuation… and hopefully we can steal away to the market so I can loot backup munchies.

And by that I mean candy.
It’s the holidays, it’s improper to not have candy on hand. >_>;

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