The fate of Dinah (or, “Ninjas become apples”)

(Gah, this is, like, the third attempt at this post. Hand-wringing is for winners!)

Dinah is old. Doubtful she’d last until Spring ’11 (read: Yoshi Day Ep. 27). All signs point to replacing her ASAP. She has a mess of small issues that are seriously threatening to snowball up into a disaster, and quickly… so I really should just move up her transmigration/upgrade.

I’m bored with Windows, and to get everything I want I’d have to shell out some hardcore coin… so her next form will be a MacBook Pro. I know, I know, “BOO, HISS, APPLE,” but given what I’m looking for, they actually fit the bill this time. All my stuff (Painter, WoW, Slingbox) will either transfer or can be easily replaced, and I know my tablet will work on it… I can do the $1200 price tag (before taxes) and still be okay as far as keeping up with other things (of course, you can always buy Gourmet Ramen… you get art, I stay productive and fiscally prudent, everybody wins *WINK!*).

I think… really, my biggest roadblock would be the Drama Monster. But, you know what? She doesn’t have to know. Save for the Yoshi Car (which was a special case anyway), it’s not like I ever had to ask her permission to buy crap, why should this time be different? I’ve been in this huge funk for awhile, and I’m tired of this guilt and hand-wringing bullpucky and if this is enough to yank me out of my awful state of mind for a good while… DO WANT. So, I’ll just bypass her. If, down the line, she sees Apple!Dinah… well, by then it’d be too late for mother’s drama queenery to do much anyway.

But I would rather get it in person, so I’ll need [info]brendala‘s help as far as transportation goes. (Um… hi. Really sorry I made you wait so long. :( The mega-bug’s cleared, and all my stuff has stabilized enough for me to shower and go out, so I can do the purge as soon as tomorrow if you’d have me.) Looks like it’s either Best Buy or the Apple Store in Rancho… Hmm.

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