WTF Birds

My iPod Touch is mostly for Twitter and some light browsing, but it’s a pretty potent little gamer, too. But I’m rather stingy about what I spend on at the App Store– if I have to pay, it’d better be something I’ll play more than once, even if it’s only a buck.

Enter Angry Birds.

Often plugged to high hell and given plenty of free advertising on TWiT, Angry Birds is pretty much as it looks– a bunch of pissed-off birds getting revenge on evil pigs who looted their eggs. You fling birds off a giant slingshot (new bird types are unlocked as you progress and yes, one of them is pretty much a Prinny/Bob-Omb). If you’ve ever played Yoshi Touch & Go, the concept is not THAT different– still pretty reliant on trajectories and a bit of back-yard physics.

All that for $1. Ya rly. There’s a Halloween-themed “expansion” out (it’s as much as an expansion as City of Villains was to City of Heroes, e.g. it’s NOT), which is also $1… and you get craploads of levels regardless of which version you pick.

If you’re not packing an iOS-based device (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) or an Android-based phone, you aren’t entirely out of luck. There’s a PC version of some sort in the works; whether it’s flash-based or otherwise is unknown. I would totally love to play it on Yggdrasil and his sexy HDTV monitor.
It’s also in the pipeline for the Playstation Store (and thus usable on either the PS3 or PSP). I heard there may be a Wii/DS version– and really, it would be PERFECT for those– but nothing’s been officially announced on that side yet.

You know what would be fun, though? Rovio needs to license the Angry Birds format out and see what happens. I’d definitely like to see what NIS would do with it. “Angry Prinnies,” anyone? Take it a step further and replace the slingshot with Etna holding a Prinny-sized grenade launcher. >:D

Pizza Wednesday, as usual! Only firing for one because everyone else is out for the day, so party hard! Bwahahahaha.
I have a free pizza credit at Papa Johns since I’ve piled up enough points, but I prefer to save those for when I order for the house. Therefore, Pizza Hut gets my money today.

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