Fire up ye Virtual Consoles, FFMQ is here~

Kotaku says boo, I on the other hand say YAAAAAY. Even if, visually, it’s “FF4 Lite” (no, really, its tilesets reek of FF4) this was the little FF that could. For one thing, this was the RPG that put healbombing on the map, if it didn’t invent it outright! Also, remember all those Instant Ramen posts that have Hikaru in her final equipment? Where the hell do you think I got her Aegis Shield from? >:D

Also, holy freaking crap, you can hate on this little game as much as you like for being redonkulously easy, but the OST is just THAT AWESOME. >:] The only way it could possibly win anymore is if, oh, Sakuraba and Hamauzu were to handle a remix album? That’d be the epitome of “rocking the fwegh out.”

I promise that was not an ironic cough. Hairball.

In other news, WTF APPLE. I thought mother was feeding BS because you know all the tech news outlets would be crapping their pants at the mention of any of Apple’s stuff going to Verizon, yet this slips under the radar.

And yet… I’ma have to give this a “meh.” I considered it as a candidate for Dinah’s next form, and also as a tertiary Instant Ramen device, but in the end I’d rather have a Verizon iPhone. :P I’ve still got my LG enV from… what, ’07? I’ve not bothered to get a new phone simply because there wasn’t anything out there that interested me enough. There are a couple of worthy Android candidates but having had an iPod 2G and more recently the iPod Touch (also 2g), it seems a natural progression to hold out for a Verizon iPhone. C’mon Apple. You gave Verizon the iPad… >_>; time to tell AT&T to GTFO already!

…also, I’ve a bunch of apps and I don’t want to have to buy up Android versions of ’em. :P

Finally, and while it’s taking its sweet-ass-time, I’m actually cleaning up my actual bedroom in preparation to move the bed back to the center so it’s aligned with the TV. Currently, it’s up against the window, so I have to turn my head if I want to see the screen (this is slightly exacerbated by Yggdrasil’s case blocking off about 1/5 of the screen) and… after awhile, it’s not so fun. The only other option would be to get a new chair, and given my history with recliner chairs… um, yeah, I’d rather just suck it up and move my bed. I just need to declutter the wall opposite of my TV/Yggdrasil before I can actually move stuff around. In short, I’m pretty much reverting my room to the way it was when we moved here nearly 11 years ago.

I may order a couple of those plastic shelves too. I could stand to have actual furniture in my room. Fancy that. Need to find out what models we’re packing now, I may just get on Amazon and order more of those.


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