Always late to the party

Been writing some here and there as of late. Some fic-blurblets related to RT and such (and it’s not substantial enough to justify sticking on Across Universe… yet), podcast-y stubs, and other such blah that I’m sure to revisit soon and make public.

And here is where the title of this post becomes relevant. “Wait, why am I opening Word? That takes forever to load on Dinah. I should give that Google Docs thing a whirl…”
And, dude, this is actually kind of neat. No having to pass or reach around the network to grab documents, so as long as my internets are up. Hell, I could even upload my existing Word and TXT stuff (although much of it is long outdated). Why the smoo have I ignored Google Docs until now? Slow Yoshi is sloooooooooooooooooow.

Only way this gets more awesome is if Google makes, like, a Painter clone.
…knowing Google, I wouldn’t put it past them to try it… especially considering the bloated disaster that is the most recent version of Painter (11, released in ’09 and sucked so much I went back to v10).

Meowch: Kestine and the other kitties went to the vet (and they hired a third doctor! Good for them, it means they’re pulling in lots of business). The females all checked out, but Kestine’s ear/nose/throat issues (via dribbly eye) persist and this newbie vet decided she wants to ferret out the source of it once and for all.

It’s possible he may have kitty asthma, and as much boo as it is to be sick, for some reason this doesn’t bother me so much. I guess it’s, like… considering he spent part of his first 9 months of life on the street, he could have picked up something much, MUCH worse than asthma (or he could have been born with it?) and much like human asthma it’s quite manageable. But we won’t know for sure what it really is until he gets another xray next week.

Kitty asthma. Blame my weird imagination, but this makes me imagine Kestine as some fat mouth-breather with thick glasses. Putting aside that as a boy kitty he is naturally bigger… what the hell, self. Being the tubby nerd is MY job! o_o;

I think Evil Stepfather’s turned into General Carter (Disgaea 1)… at least by appearance. Dude’s got that same kind of ‘stache (narrow, but at the same time too bushy to be a Hitler ‘stache). Of course, Evil Stepfather sounds more like Edward James Olmos than Bob Papenbrook, but you get the idea. Head. Breaking.

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