(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Prinny Cupcake

Art Trade - Prinny Cupcake I forget, sometimes, that it’s just starting up that’s a drag, because I’m just “blaaah where do I go first and how am I going to keep it up?” And then after slogging away for a bit I stop thinking and it’s just this fog of automated action; changing out subtools, colors, blending and what-have-you. Often times I’ll have some podcast/live stream or something going, and I’ll actually be able to tell you what I was doing at that exact moment and inversely, what I was playing while working on that part of a piece. I wish I’d realized this earlier into college; yes, eventually I stopped taking notes during class and switched to drawing and found I remembered MUCH more of the material that way. It had the side effect of distracting people sitting nearby, so I tried to sit in the far back if there were outlets back there.

Oh yeah, art trade awesomesauce. Because [info]dmscv wins. :P

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