In this post, we talk about breakfast.

Ordinarily I don’t go downstairs because of LOL BULLDOGS– they are why the kitchen is sealed much of the day, and I cannot be seen downstairs else they just go batshit at the sight of me. But I guess these headaches I wake up with (because 80% of the time I only get to eat once a day) might have triggered some kind of desperation action since next thing I know I’m ninja-ing my way downstairs to make breakfast and hopefully not wake the dogs. @_@

I am mostly successful; the sound of pouring cereal or the creek of the refridgerator door or even the hiss and crackle of the pseudo-George Foreman that I use to make sausages isn’t enough to wake the monsters… or rather, two out of 3 of them. The female is a light sleeper and she’s the most problematic of the three; she’s easy to incite into a barking fury, MORESO if Kestine follows me because the two hate each other. Short of locking Kestine up before I go downstairs (which is more or less impossible), I cannot stop him from following me into the kitchen, so I’ve pretty much a very small window to get stuff done before trouble starts up. >_>;

ANYWAY, the haul is mini pancakes (they are rediculously adorable), sausages and Cocoa Puffs. Yes, I am a kid! :P And you know, I don’t care because it’s food and it fends off the “ohgod if I don’t eat something right now I’m going to diiiiiie” headache that loves to clobber me awake with. (Well, it’s half-headache and half-icky tummy rumbling that kicks in after about 12 hours. If you’ve ever had to fast for bloodwork or something, you’d know this to some degree.) This leads up to the half-baked post about breakfast.

– french toast OR chocolate chip pancakes
– scrambled eggs
– sausages
– hash browns

The above four? Full. of. win. (with apologies to bacon fans… I dunno, bacon just never did it for me)
I become a freaking Yoshi Monster if you were to let me loose inside a breakfast buffet. Ah, memories of Las Vegas, in which we always ate breakfast at least ONCE at the Excalibur. (I want to go back there someday. I love that freaking hotel!) On a more local level, Hometown Buffet should be glad I’ve only shown up for breakfast once, because I would freaking obliterate it! OMNOMNOMNOM.

Bonus win:
– cinnamon rolls (most times we raid Montclair Plaza, I end up wandering into Cinnabon >_>; Ask [info]brendala for proof)
– chocolate cereal… chocolate ANYTHING, actually
– flaky buttermilk biscuits (including crescent rolls ’cause those are flaky)

Sausages have an interesting history with me here… as with most of my favorite foods, they were something father turned me onto. Flash back to little 7 year old Yoshi at the breakfast table before going to school, and father was making one of those frozen breakfast boxes and he was all “try this sausage patty, it’s like a hamburger!” (I think we’d gotten McDonalds the night before.) And it was so very very tasty. :)
I imagine this also factors into how it became one of my two preferred pizza toppings, but I don’t remember the EXACT context. (Together, this also leads into my preference for “sweet” sausage… which, of course, is not literally sweet, but just not OMFGSPICY like the sausage you would eat with pasta or other dinner food.)
While we’re at it, there was this one Friday morning in Newspaper and someone brought in micro-sized pigs in a blanket– not wrapped in pancakes but rather dipped in pancake batter and fried. So, kinda like a breakfast version of corn dogs. OMG. With cinnamon syrup, this is Breakfast Yoshi Crack! o_o

I think I’ll stop it right there, mostly so I can finish my Cocoa Puffs before they get too soggy. :P
Also, after a HUUUUUGE dry spell, there will be the return of Instant Ramen Sketchbook as part of an art trade with [info]dmscv. About time, I’ve needed something to kick me into picking up the stylus again.


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