Keep F-ing That Chicken

Dear Internet, how do you take your poultry?

I’m a boneless person. Nuggets, strips, etc, as long as it doesn’t have bones, I will nom it! (Also? Sauceless. I am indeed a wimp on the spice-o-meter.) You get all the meat, and never have to deal with the WTF moment that is “what the hell is this hard thing that interferes with munching?!” Not to mention, if you so desire, you can even dip it into ranch or honey or whatever tickles your fancy. Most of the time it’s a lot cleaner and not as greasy as normal chicken.

…I know, right? “Ew, greasy chicken?” And this is coming from someone who doesn’t mind a little dribble on her pizza. I don’t know. I just find that part of chicken-with-bone to be a bit overkill. Not to mention it’s a bit wasteful, no? There’s always a little meat left on the bone but you can’t quite get it without catching some of the not-so-nomtastic skin and that’s kind of boo.

Boneless, however… none of that nonsense! Popcorn chicken (or sauceless, boneless wings, which is pretty much a slightly larger version of it) is perfect. Dip if you are so inclined, pop and munch! Nuggets are fun, too; I’ll admit for specifically going for the star-shaped nuggets at the market for the cute value, though the points have an added utility value of being able to hold a dry spot while dunking in honey or ranch.

Then there’s chicken parmesan which is so ridiculously awesome, especially with spaghetti. Holy smoo is that ever so nomtasty. It is also win in sandwich form!

So… what brought this on? Well, it’s Wednesday (for about 10 more minutes) and thus pizza night. Except… Pizza Hut kinda fudged it and gave me normal chicken wings instead of the boneless that I specified, and like the dork I am I didn’t check until after I’d gone back upstairs. Not one to let otherwise-edible food go to waste (nor did I think it worthwhile to ring up the store and raise a stink about freaking half-price wings), they were nommed anyway, but with a slight tinge of boo. At least they didn’t have any sauce.

New TV gets here next week. Totally using my Best Buy rewards points to loot Super Mario Galaxy 2. >:D


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