Tele-vicious, Resolved

No more holding out for deals on TVs… it looks like the prices are as good as they will get (also, Yggdrasil won’t let me tap in via LogMeIn OR Windows Remote Desktop anymore, clearly he does not enjoy going headless on the long-term) so I’ll be ordering this Samsung today to finally replace the old-and-busted brick that’s been sitting in my room for the past month and a half. It’s got all the HDMI and Component ports I need (and, of course, the all-important VGA port so Yggdrasil can play too). And because it’s Amazon, this also means free shipping and no sales tax.

This is good. I’ve been able to hold off because of Slingbox and such piping through to Blastoise, but it will be nice to have my media center back in working order– my busted TV not only grounded Yggdrasil, but also made my Wii and PS3 unusable too. I mean, I could have transfered my FF13 save files to the other PS3 downstairs… wait a minute, no I couldn’t, not while headless. Blah!

So, yeah. New TV get, as fast as it can get shipped here. Also? Kestine needs to stop prying my glasses off with his tail. :P

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