In which Yoshi makes TWiT get its LOL on

I’m still internet famous for the time being. This is far too amusing to be real, but IT IS.

Let me back up a bit: If you recall, the other day I did a fan art piece for NSFW (a comedy video podcast on TWiT) and tweeted it to the hosts… and I figured that it would bring some funny and get some retweets and that would be it.

I, uh, apparently made enough of an impact to get said piece plugged during the aftershow (sadly, it is not included in the actual podcast and I wish I knew how to capture a live Ustream feed) AND retweeted by everyone in the pic. (Though… due to Twitter’s 140-character limit, my Twitter handle got dropped! Bah!)

I PROBABLY should have linked the actual DB entry rather than the fullview so I could get an accurate viewcount, but based on server logs and bandwidth usage, it got about 2700+ views.

It doesn’t end there, either. It’s been uploaded to the BBpedia and as of this posting, made the featured photo on the front page (despite clearly NOT being a photo). And yesterday morning, it got mentioned during TWiT’s coverage of the first Google I/O keynote. I didn’t actually get to watch the video version of that in full until just a couple hours ago and it turns out about 3/4 of the way through the event, Leo Laporte decided to display my horseapples doodle live.

Here’s the youtube of the Google I/O video, my drawing shows up around 1:33:50 (I’ll crop out that part and repost it to my YouTube account in a bit so you won’t have to wait for that monster to buffer all the way)

Yeah. I got praised by freaking Leo Laporte, the king of the internet! Maybe not by name but, hell, that was partially my fault for not embedding my Twitter handle or something in the corner. I’m under no delusions that this actually means anything in the long run or that I could pull off anything like this again. However, please indulge me in letting me enjoy my few minutes of internet fame. :P

The reason I haven’t posted this to my deviantArt is because the mods there don’t take too kindly to any depictions of Pedobear (even though I’ve warped his portrayal a lot by having him chase a 21 year old dude who’s been branded the analog of Justin Bieber, as opposed to little girls). It’s not written anywhere but I would rather err on the side of not getting smacked by the dA banhammer. ^_^;

Update @ 11:00pm

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