(WIP) Azure Horns

This started off as being just another general Ramen piece of Hikaru-brand badassery (because she has so many fanboys and this amuses me greatly) and now I’m thinking this may replace her original FE Bromide which, compared to others, is a little bland. Especially considering FE Bromides are supposed to be a “blatant display of awesomeness in ultimate equipment.” We’ll see!

Also I think one of Deeum’s bromides needs to involve nomming on Peeps.

Speaking of OM NOM NOM… today is Wednesday. Wings Wednesday at Pizza Hut, specifically. You know where this is going. >:D
Though… Pizza Hut, while you’re at it, think you could make a day for discount P’zones, too? I know, there isn’t a day of the week that starts with P, which would throw off the theme you have going with Tuscani Tuesday and Wings Wednesday. Hm. Maybe Sundays? Let’s see… P’zone Sunday. It… sort of works! :P

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