Chef’s Chocolate Salty…. Pretzels

GOOD GOING, [info]aethereall XD

So yesterday I get MORE Yoshi Day loot. Aeth sent over Hershey’s chocolate-dipped mini-pretzels! (A counterattack for me cookie-bombing people?) I would have unboxed them yesterday but I was blindsided by a toothache and thus it wouldn’t have been a good idea to eat hard, crunchy things. :P

Prior to this I was kinda iffy at the thought of chocolate-dipped pretzels– not because of the myth circulating here that I don’t like pretzels, I am actually a pretzel virgin– but, dood… these are practically cookies. Like, those gourmet cookies that are chocolate-dipped and kinda stiff, but are so nomtastic that they should be ILLEGAL. There is, inconsistently, a VERY FAINT salty aftertaste, since these are pretzels after all, but it’s mostly overridden by OMGCHOCOLATE.

Ah, I’d better close up this tin before I nom them all. But, I have two tins, so I should be good for quite awhile.


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