Because April Fools can ROT.

~Yoshi Day Episode 26~
Funny Chocolate Hats
Quiet Thursday is quiet.
Ridiculous amounts of chocolate AND pizza (not just regular pizza, but also this freak hybrid of pizza and lasagna that is strangely nomtastic) and ThinkGeek loot! (Fail Whale, Achievement Unlocked: RROD and pi*z*z*a shirts + OMGHORNS)

Freak coincidence: my cake also involves horns. It’s Ice Age-themed. FTW!

Thanks to everyone who sent Yoshi Day well wishes and such. ;P
My brother made it a point to plaster a notice of Yoshi Day on the guild MOTD in teh WoWz. Much lulz ensued.

Finally, as promised… photographic evidence of me wearing the aforementioned funny hat (the horns) as well as the Fail Whale shirt for the amusement of the internets:

The horns don’t exactly hug the cap portion, but I’m pretty sure I can fix that with a couple of stitches on each side.
Nonetheless, it’s getting quite a few laughs. Kestine, on the other hand, thinks the horn tips are toy mice and keeps batting at them. XD

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