Countdown to Yoshi Day Episode 26, T-4d

The weather widget predicts rain on Thursday. :O
Whether or not that will actually happen is anyone’s guess, given that it’s been quite windy the past few days. Still… o_o

It seems the theme of this year’s Yoshi Day is chocolate. Chocolate cake, chocolate pancakes, supposedly the best milk chocolate candy EVER… I already like this. Only way this gets better is if ThinkGeek starts selling chocolate soap. (What? They already sell caffeinated soap… and I think they even stock BACON-scented soap!)

Speaking of ThinkGeek…
If the timing is right, I’ll be wearing this funny hat on 4/1. That’s right… the ThinkGeek version of the Majestic Goat. Well, minus the ears, anyway.
You know who else does funny hats? :D

Semi-related: I may be seeing How to Train Your Dragon this week. If so, it’d probably be on mother’s side of Yoshi Day shenanigans.

Truthfully, though… the best part about 4/1 is that I will be, at least for a day, spared from that awful CACOPHONY OF WOOF and all the pointless yelling and such that goes with it. (Inversely, this also means I’ll be away from my big orange purrbot. Boo.)

And now I go play some more FFXIII. Wee~

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