Countdown to Yoshi Day Episode 26, T-8d

Silly internet dood, “April Fools Day?” What is this day you speak of? Something about pranks and lulz? That does not exist on this part of the internets. >_>;

No, we call it “Yoshi Day,” in celebration of things that are nerdy and awesome. (And me.)
I promise I’m not trolling for loot. (that reminds me, I need to go put in my next ThinkGeek order…) I just needed an excuse to boo April Fools because it is so much fail and Yoshi Day rolls off the tongue better.

Besides, other things happened on 4/1 in history, too. Taking a sample of things that happened in recent history…
– 4/1/1954: The US Air Force Academy is authorized for creation in Colorado
– 4/1/1976: Apple Computer is established
– 4/1/1981: Russia adopts Daylight Savings
– 4/1/1997: The Hale-Bopp Comet!
– 4/1/2001: The Netherlands becomes the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage
– 4/1/2004: Google launches Gmail, people call it suspect BECAUSE it launched on April Fools

And I’m not the only one blessed cursed with an April Fools birthday either! These other doods you might have heard of are also 4/1 babies:
– 4/1/1953: Barry Sonnenfeld (director: Men in Black)
– 4/1/1961: Susan Boyle (Britain’s Got Talent)
– 4/1/1971: Method Man
– 4/1/1976: Rachel Maddow (:D :D :D)
– 4/1/1977: Jon Gosselin (minus Kate… or 8…)

Finally, did you also know that 4/1 is also Edible Books Day?

Locally, some details are starting to get out…
It involves chocolate cake and iTunes (because I am an iTard– not for music because what I like tends to not exist on iTunes, but for apps).
But I think bro may have called dibs on any major stuff on 4/1, so if [info]brendala wishes to play the “I can has a Yoshi?” card on that specific day, she and Robert are going to have to flip a coin over it. :P (A lightsaber duel is fine too!)


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