(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Blackened Blades

No WIPs this time, just BOOM, arts.

So I said last post I’d be sketching Blastoise’s mecha body, right? Turns out I fail at drawing mecha, so I’ll, uh, put that aside for now. Have some RT!Kestine in shiny Dark Paladin armor… which may have entailed more Grand Theft FF4. (Specifically, I looted the shoulder plates and boots from Dark Knight!Cecil.) The detail was nowhere NEAR as much a pain in the ass as, say, Aries’ FE Bromide (which, as you know, is also Grand Theft FF4, sup Golbez armor) but then again this isn’t exactly ultimate-grade stuff.

For being a Dark Paladin, Kestine doesn’t have much in terms of plate armor… then again, he’s also a freaking Black Dragon. Sure, he COULD be plated to the teeth, but why bother when, should he get tossed around, he could just heal it all back anyway? Mmm, regen.

I need to scribble his Stem Gunner gear, since that’s what he wears in Episode 0’s main story. Stem Gunners get a mass-produced, simplified version of the Sneaking Suit. Also a hat. (Somewhere, Defeen’s ears perk up…)

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