(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Stick a beard on it, dood

This is not the Xenogears sandship you’re looking for. :P

He even has fancy-pants nonsensical glyphs on that wheel-that-probably-serves-no-purpose (well, maybe it generates gravity). They’re very shiny!
As for his avatar being present on the ship as a hologram… I can totally imagine Yggdrasil just bumming around on the bridge, blowing bubbles out of his pipe from the captain’s chair. XD He’d definitely have Prinnies as his crew, dood! :D

It’s also occurred to me that if Blastoise and Dinah are mecha, and Yggdrasil is a spaceship, then would my house LAN itself be… a space station? o_o I may have to draw that, too… Ah, now I kinda want to go on a DS9 binge. >_>;

I’ll cut a wallpaper to stick on the old man box, see if I can get some automated desktop paper-cycling action on him. Bwahaha~

Now… do I sketch Blastoise’s mecha body, or go play FFXIII? (Dood, I took it out of the cellophane but haven’t gotten around to patching my PS3 and such. o_O;)

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