(WIP) Arcana Dragonia

Wondering if I should go for glory and just stay up until I finish…?
It wouldn’t take much longer to do the background/etc, I was painting pretty much all day (started after making that last post, actually), I stopped to screencap when Craig Ferguson started and because this seemed like an appropriate point to get a WIP shot before I do background/final touchups.
I wonder if I should stick a bleeding Crimson Cross on Lord Numair’s forehead? o_o;

…bah, I’ll do it tomorrow… er, later today. You get the idea.

also LOL @ mother, who saw this when she brought up dinner and thought Lord Numair was one of Robert’s WoW characters. XD; Bro doesn’t have any redheads, for one thing. He’s got a Death Knight (and Lord Numair’s Death Maximillian looks like something a Death Knight would wear) but dood is most definitely NOT a dragon.

“He looks dead.”
– “He IS dead. Dead and STILL has a deathwish!”
“Like… ‘put me out of my misery’ kind of dead?”
– “Yes! :D”


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