(WIP) Stay Classy, Glast Heim

I get funny looks if people see me drawing things like the above, live. Mother did that Marge Simpson-esque “hmm” though coming from her it’s more in the context of “ooh, something naughty” than it is implicit disapproval… >_>;
I wouldn’t be surprised if in the back of her mind she thinks I’m a lesbian. XD I’m not, but, you know… optics.

Anyway, this is Hecate’s FE Bromide for Episode 0 (but except for Kit, guests only get FE Bromides anyway). I like how she’s the freaking Black Dragon version of Helba; the sass is extreme, and she calls out others (who deserve it; see sniper!Numair) for lulz and win. I have way too much fun distorting Entropy’s characters for my own amusement, though at the same time I think the end result would have been more or less the same. XD

And now it is off to bed for me… need to get up a little earlier tomorrow since (gasp) a Yoshi will be out to do a new machine config. Robert still has my flash drive, but I haven’t updated the installers on that for awhile so I’d have to pull new setup files anyway. :P

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