(WIP) Welcome to the Jungle, We Got Fun and Games

I was coloring this on and off all day (actually, since around 2pm-ish).
I should have stopped after doing the top three, but it kept nagging at me. @_@
Tomorrow (er, today) it should be finished… just need to paint in the rose and the rest of the background. Can’t go on anymore for tonight, gah…

I know it is never in good taste to make light of terrorists.. but, dude, mine probably have much better fashion sense than those Al Qaeda clowns.
For one thing, I have a sexy green-haired ninja! Ha HA! (Ah, wouldn’t it be so badass to see a Ramen of Maya casting Indignation? Hm? :D)
Though… I’m afraid the Fictional Russian Terrorists still have me beat. I mean, they have ACCENTS. And everyone knows nothing says sexy like the accent on a Fictional Russian Terrorist.

…k, I’ma go fall asleep in my chair of awesome now. z_z

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