(WIP) Bloodstained Roses

As promised, the villains version. Maya, Ralse and Zeirkain up top, Lucas and Satoshi below. (Dude, that gun. “Bang.”)
This is pretty much the first time drawing the Pearl Rose doods (except for Ralse and maybe Maya, I forget if I’ve drawn her yet).

The surrounding rose is going to be all drybrush. I’ve no shortage of reference materials for THAT, har har. *points to the giant freaking archive of rose pictures on the LAN from back when mother was a “omfg roses” and such*

Today, I get THE CHAIR.
UPS says “out for delivery,” so it’ll probably get here later this afternoon. That sucker’s getting assembled right away. Once I post this I need to drag the broken chair out of my room to clear up space.

Sweet, sweet faux-leather and steel. Should be not only much more comfortable than the cheap excuse for a seating pad on the old model, but also much more stable (the old chair was laminated wood with some kind of metal spring-things that let it swivel and recline). Once it’s set up, don’t be surprised if I sleep for the rest of the week. @_@


This isn’t just more mindless Craig Ferguson lulz. Who’s that on the far right?
Yus, Sam Riegel was on yesterday’s episode. Quite fitting that Mr. Spoony Bard would be part of the Late Late Show’s official Greek chorus. Or at least, I thought it was hilarious (because I am still the Worst FF4 Fangirl Ever). ;P
This twitpic cracks me up so freaking much. XD
(Also, he’s a pretty convincing Tiger Woods impersonator.)

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