Madness? This is PUPPY BOWL!

As someone who has zero interest in football (but nonetheless braved the nonsense of Football Night in America to fulfill my role as [info]olberfanns‘ self-appointed screencapper), once again it is time for the next best thing to THE GAME… Puppy Bowl!

Now, I’m a crazy cat lady, and surely you’ve heard me kvetch about those evil wiggly bulldogs downstairs… but that doesn’t take away from the cuteness of romping puppies. Of course, there is kitty halftime (squeh!). This year, Animal Planet’s introducing two new acts: bunny cheerleaders and hamster commentators on a blimp. I’m guessing the latter is meant to replace Harry Kalas, the dood who previously called for Puppy Bowl until last year.

Pizza Hut gets to provide the munchies this time. I think I’ll go for the original All-American boneless wings this time. (I’m such a wimp– wings are like Yoshi Crack, but most of their menu is far too spicy for me, even the mild stuff. So far it’s been just garlic parmesan.)

In the meantime… I think I’ma wireframe the villains version of the previous art post. Yes, kids, I’m going to draw TERRORISTS.

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