(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) En Masse: Zero

Ow. Ow. Ow. A billion times ow.
Not from drawing this, mind you, but because Kestine and Daisy are chasing each other around and the former decided to climb up my leg USING CLAWS. @_@

So, uh, this thing is done.
– Typheros’ hat is a little wonky, but it’s an old Bongun Hat anyway so I imagine it’d be kinda bent and weird in places.
– Fyfe and Defeen = LOL, moreso Fyfe. I need to do her Episode 0 FE bromide so you can see her superhero costume (it’s different from the judge robes she gets in Episode 2, in Episode 0 she has a superhero spin of the priestess robe with a giant green “F” on the chest. Perfect considering her take on Visfarank. FISTS OF JUSTICE!).
– I haven’t drawn Hecate in a reeeeeeeally long time. Like Nimue, it’s fan service with a purpose (the difference, though, is that Nimue is a bit of an exhibitionist and does the sexy cowgirl thing because it would also attract customers, for Hecate it’s because it’s normal for Black Dragon women to wear skimpy clothes and they think most humans/elves are weird to cover up so much). Entropy will probably be amused. XD
– Yoshi’s another one whose Episode 0 FE Bromide I should expedite… if only to see her dress in “princess mode” (lots of layers and some ribbons, and she hates it because it’s so freaking girly XD)
– As mentioned earlier, this is the first Ramen that Deen’s been in… ever.

Villains version on Sunday, maybe? I’ma need something to do during Puppy Bowl. (Yeah, that’s right… Puppy Bowl, because I have zero interest in football!)

Best Buy shipped out my chair earlier today. Supposed to hit on the 11th, but sooner is always better. @_@
Until then I’m at the mercy of my bed. >_>; If I stack my pillows I might be ok… it would help if I had more, though. (Like, at least 2 or 3 more) Kestine doesn’t count as a pillow, either.

Still feeling a bit icky though– bad sleep + stress + undercooked french toast = um, no.
If tomorrow is more of the same, I might have to give [info]brendala a rain check, else… um… yeah, it could get very bad. x_x

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