(WIP) Chromatic Tier

Only the rest of the guest characters and the background remain.
If you’re like me and prefer to use only one layer for coloring… an old lesson from real-world painting comes to mind: do it from behind! And by that I mean start with the dood closest to the back if you don’t want to have to do much repair work at the end.
But this time I’m not, I’m doing one layer a row and then merging with the previous as I finish. So… whatever.

(also, in before “Kuuuuupoooooooo! Defeeeeeeeeeeen!”)

It’s supposed to rain today and the rest of the week, or so my weather widget says. Yay? Maybe not. I was kinda hoping to get out… If it would behoove California to put off the waterworks just one more day (or at least until later in the evening), that would be kind of awesome. If not, well, so be it. ;P

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