Turtle Optics

Before I fired up that Episode 0 PSD in Painter, I noticed that not only did I have some VERY minor burn-in (which I’ve been aware of for awhile), I was also beginning to get some faint ghosting on my primary monitor. It’s not enough to be distracting while working, but on solid backgrounds… yeah.

Mind you, I did get this monitor (a 19″ Samsung SyncMaster CRT) in ’03. I think it was the biggest one I could get at the time, and it was to replace Blastoise’s 6-year-old IBM monitor that came with his original body, so I’m pretty much wringing everything I can out of every monitor I own because, of course, the way I roll, these things are not cheap. I’m already noticing a color quality hit and can compensate accordingly for now, but I know that eventually I’ll have to retire this monitor when it starts to really interfere with Painter and such. If it’s this year, then so be it… if I can stretch it out longer, that would be nice.

The other Samsung on Blastoise (a 22″ LCD) is… barely 2 years old– if you recall, it was actually the first thing I bought when I got the Magic Coin Block since the ViewSonic it replace literally died a couple days after the payout. Considering that the Samsung CRT lasted longer than that ViewSonic, this is a pretty clear statement as to the quality of Samsung displays. Not to mention that all the other desktop machines here are ALSO paired with Samsungs! We love Samsung just like we love Logitech and nVidia. :D

Have I ever considered going triple-monitor? Haaahahahaha… well, yes. I’d probably have to go SLI/double video cards because I’m already eating up both monitor ports as is, though Blastoise can certainly dual-wield video cards since he has an nForce-equipped motherboard. But, for the moment, it’s probably overkill and dual-monitor is very much adequate for my needs– primary monitor as my main workspace for Painter/gaming/whatever demands the most attention, and secondary monitor for IMs/Slingbox/other “offhand” things like sidebar widgets.

It’s Saturday, and therefore the weekly pizza “cooldown” resets (because I make the rules, I don’t count pizza consumed off-site or, as was the case Wednesday, I break quota for special events like the State of the Union). Ah, the only sucky thing about this is picking who gets my money for the week… Papa Johns for the size and cheese bread, or Pizza Hut for those Garlic Parmesan wings. I swear those things are so tasty that they should be illegal. O_O

Back to painting!


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