Harmonious Squee train on the Moon


Beep beep beep, This is a squee alert.
Moreso for me, because I was right regarding my original guess on Alex’s VA (I later changed my prediction to Johnny Bosch since he seemed better suited to “boy next door” heroes, but a Yuri is fine too, I don’t give a flying smoo if he’s everywhere like 4chan). So now Yuri goes and VAs two of my favorite old-school RPG main characters ever in remakes– the other being Cecil. AWESOME~!

That is DEFINITELY Michelle Ruff as Jessica, I saw that coming a mile away. Etna-voice, hallo~
Also, most importantly: is that Liam O’Brien I hear as Ghaleon? O_O I figured XSEED would either tap him or Quinton Flynn. (I can imagine all the John Truitt fanboys on Gamefaqs are throwing a shitfit now, though. Yeah, I woulda liked him back too, but I wasn’t counting on XSEED being able to get any of the original WD VAs.)

I gotta listen to the others a bit more or wait until they post the trailer (and OH SNAP, OUTTAKES?! WANT. NOW.) so I can better ID the others.

I would say “this gets preordered YESTERDAY, with overnight shipping” except I already did.

Dammit, LifeForce, o partner in Lowen-fandom… I’m too squee’d up to sleep now not to mention I’m nomming on late-night Jack in the Box, when you get home it is SO on.

LJ Edition: Fiery-eyed Flonne is TOTALLY relevant to my interests.

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