Treasure Box, Part 1

And the Amazon loot starts coming in…

Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF, or as I like to call it, the “Eyeball on a Stick”
Plantronics .Audio 655 USB headset
– Netgear Gigabit ethernet switch

The switch is to migrate Yggdrasil and the Slingbox over to wired mode (because surely they will do much, MUCH better than on wifi as they are right now… not to mention the screencaps I do for the daily Countdown threads on [info]olberfanns will be of better quality since I’ll have a better bitrate on the video stream). I should probably switch them over soon… like, after I post this. >_>;

The webcam and headset… both were, for one thing, highly recommended by the TWiT overlords, which made deciding on specific models much easier. That aside, this also officially renders me Skype-capable! (Well, any video chat, really… but I favor Skype because it’s so widely used compared to others.) On top of that, I also like how Blastoise considers my headset a separate sound card, so I can redirect things like Skype/TS there and leave everything else alone.

This isn’t the end of the loot train, though. I still need to pick up a new mouse since the one I have now has a broken scrollwheel, not to mention it likes to think I double-click EVERYTHING. I’d rather plunk the coins to get a nice, high-quality mouse than pay the $70+ that Wacom is asking for a replacement tablet mouse. Also under consideration is a Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard to put on Yggdrasil, as his current keyboard is actually meant for use on a PS3 and lacks backlighting. >_>;

So, drama about Jay and Conan, huh…?
I’ve a bit of an oddball suggestion on how to fix this:

Move Jay to the internet. You heard me.

Why not? He already has an online-only series (his Garage thing). Sure, the ad revenue won’t be nearly as nice compared to TV, but NBC’s streaming video’s otherwise done very well since they started it up, not to mention syndication to Hulu/ (hopefully Comcast doesn’t go mucking with that if their buyout goes through), and Jay could still pull in viewers on name recognition.

In all honesty, Jay’s long past his prime and should have retired when he had the chance, but if he still wants to stay around without Conan (and, subsequently, Jimmy Fallon) getting screwed over hardcore, I’d think that moving Jay to the internet would be the best, albeit highly-unconventional option.

I can’t really see Conan joining Fox anyway. I’m not even sure WHY Fox would want him… it looks like a nice deal on the surface, but when you consider the inner workings, I don’t think it would really work out. Part of me wonders if Fox would actually use this as a back door to get Conan to write for the Simpsons again, that’s the only connection I could see…

Anywho, time to do the switchover, which means I gotta pull Blastoise off the LAN for a few minutes. Wee~

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