See this?

It’s about to get stuffed with 20,000 of these:

Thus, turning the Magic Coin Block into…

Xbox-sized Magic Coin Block!

Because CD rates are made of massive, massive FAIL right now. How much fail are we talking about? Not even half a freaking % for a 9-month term. If that’s not FAIL, I don’t know what is. And for comparison, regular savings rates are… 0.05%? Why tie it up in something that will get me less than $20/month in interest? Sure, there are other companies that are offering CDs (ING, ally, etc.) but even their interest rates are on the fail side, too. Boo, economy.

That and I have things that need to be dealt with in the very very near future.

Sadly, the coins will not fall until Tuesday… otherwise I coulda gotten ’em expedited and could raid Amazon right away. Curse you, Saturdays!

Also: As promised, Grand Theft Crimson Day is January 25. Since Yggdrasil kinda nuked my original plot to spoil my minions for Christmas, I’m just going to, uh, borrow [info]neophoenixte and [info]a_cha‘s birthday instead. What will this entail? Loot, random selection of loyal minions to get an LJ upgrade, cookies? You’ll find out soon~ ^_^

LJ edition: If you read the above… no, this entire post in an Etna voice, you aren’t alone. >_>


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