Into Tomorrow

2009 = bah. Maybe 2010 might fail less.

Resolutions? Screw that. Resolutions are poo. HOKEY PILES OF POO.
Seriously, they’re just attention-seeking statements of grandiose things you want to do. You end up botching them, and it makes you look like some two-bit flake who can’t keep your word. So, don’t bother with them! Let what comes, come… and if you screw up, at least you don’t look as stupid as you would have if you resolve to do THIS EPIC THING.

I would have gone out today but I had to cancel because the router kept crashing hardcore and mother decided that enough was enough and it was time to switch it out. Now we have a D-Link that is actually a little faster and overall much more stable. The previous router was a Linksys that had just come out when Wireless-N had gone into beta… yeah, that was quite awhile ago. Probably some of the internal pieces had gone south… I don’t know. The D-Link I’d swapped in is supposedly optimized for use with streaming video, which in theory should be nice considering we have Slingboxes and Rokus and such all over. Still, I’ma try to migrate stuff onto ethernet where possible to lessen the wireless congestion (not to mention that Gigabit ethernet is sexy).

My previous driver permit resets next week. Good riddance. I was saved to Rancho Cucamonga before, but I’ll restart at Fontana– madhouse it may be, at least their clerks aren’t as pithy. >_>;
Thankfully it appears mother has backpedaled on her “MY WAY OR NO WAY” stance in regards to training, YAY. I never wanted her sticking her fingers in this to begin with since she cranks up the stress and drama by a billion (and she has this thing about blabbing everything to Evil Stepfather, wtf).
I WILL have my Yoshi Car in my full possession this year. It would be nice if I could pull it off before Yoshi Day, but so as long as this ends with me walking out with my full license…

There will be one, maybe two more Snowschemes, though they’ll be more about FUN WITH SNOW.
Mayhaps a piece for Crimson Day (Jan. 25), too… bwahahaha~

Broken heater = best time to shower is before 3pm (noon-3 is when the house is warmest due to THE SUN).
This is important, I don’t take well to sudden temperature shifts AT ALL. x_x I already feel kinda icky and even one instance of temperature whiplash could… well, at the very least it would be a totally miserable experience.

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