If only there was an iYoshi

iPod Touch get~
Because I consider things like phones and media players extensions of Dinah, it’s been named “Celestial Rose,” after Dinah’s “ultimate” katana in CoH.
8gb model, which is fine since 1) my entire music collection barely takes up even that much and even so I don’t carry it all with me anyway, 2) it was mostly intended for apps anyway. As far as video goes, either I can pull from YouTube (which I imagine will see a TON of use) or I can squash it down on Blastoise or Yggdrasil beforehand.

Mother put in an order for the Pogo Sketch stylus. Actually two, since she lacks one herself. Very, very much needed because I have these stubby fingers and text input on this thing is quite awkward, and I’ma need a stylus for when I loot Sketchbook Mobile and inflict the horror of mobile Ramen upon the internets. >:D Also, as expected, mother looted the earbuds– fine, take them, for I have BLUETOOTH. Bwahahaha.

In this post, APPS. LOTS. What I’ve looted so far (all free stuff):

LiveJournal.app + WordPress 2 (the latter so I can re-tag posts for the AP version)
Wells Fargo + PayPal
Google Earth
WoW Armory
Pizza Hut (Papa Johns needs to make one!)
MSNBC + Rachel Maddow (BOOOO there’s no Countdown app T_T)

What’s getting looted when my stylus gets here:

Metal Gear TOUCH
Sketchbook Mobile

What’s getting looted in January when I reload on coins:

Slingplayer Mobile
LogMeIn Ignition

Also while I haven’t looted it, I am GREATLY amused that there are bubble wrap apps floating around. As in, apps whose sole purpose is to POP BUBBLES. (Nintendo, why is there no such thing for the DSi? Seriously, do you know how many downloads it would get?) As much as I am meh about junk apps– seriously, what’s with all the lame attempts at sneaking porn under the radar?– this totally gets a LOL out of me. ;P

Anything else that’s fun or useful or what-have-you?


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