Touchy-feely portable ramen

…Remember how I made a crack about what would happen if Corel ported Painter to the iPhone or someone pulls something similar? >_>

‘sup, Sketchbook Mobile. Holy crap. Natural media emulation, layers (even 3 is awesome) and support for WIP-saving and exporting PSDs? DO WANT, MUST HAAAAVE. O_O I mean, crap, this might as well be “Painter for iPhone!”

Oh yes. This goes on the insta-loot list when my Touch gets here. So, even when I’m out, I can still get my Ramen on. Bwahahahaha!

Also I’m thinking I should probably obtain or rig a stylus of some kind since I have these big stubby fingers that probably won’t take too well to this. Wonder if the DS stylus would work in the meantime…? >_>;

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