Trolling for Peanuts

So I went downstairs to get food and while on standby, I watched A Boy Named Charlie Brown. Now, I like Peanuts as much as the next guy but like a lot of things I saw as a kid, it was a completely different experience to revisit it as an adult.

Let me preface with this: Compared to the TV series and specials, the movies are quite a bit more SERIOUS BUSINESS and this one was all kinds of f’d up. It is often said that Snoopy, Come Home is the most depressing of the movies… hell no! That one had a happy ending, this was more or less the Peanuts version of End of Evangelion!

Really, this one was 90-ish minutes of just about EVERYONE trolling poor Charlie Brown (and that eventually includes Linus… and he’s supposed to be the dude’s BFF?!), and this is on top of his own self-loathing and depression. They suddenly become nice to him when he starts doing things right and then turn on him when the pressure becomes too much and he bombs the last word at the Radio City finals… wow. One must wonder how much worse the fallout would be if this played out today. Lucy would totally be at home among the /b/-tards. >:P

(Actually, weren’t there honest-to-god research papers and stuff written to that effect? I know there was one analysis done that says that Schroeder is most likely gay. I’m pretty sure that was mentioned on MetaFilter quite awhile back…)

And the takeaway message from everything that happened is “okay, the world didn’t end… but you’re going to fail all over again tomorrow, sucker!”

“Way to overthink it, Yoshi,” you might be thinking. And I may very well be. But give it a spin if you haven’t seen it for awhile. All the stupidly-amusing sequences involving Snoopy aside, you’ll probably find yourself doing a bit of double-takes, too!

I nodded off on the couch and it’s too late now to boot up Blastoise.

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