Shiny network is shiny II

An update to my portal widget…

Now with sphere buttons!
Fun fact: they use the menu sound effects from .hack//GU. I wanted to use the ones from Tales of the Abyss but seeing as I misplaced my capture box… >_>;

Thing is, I’ve no idea WTF to put in that big open space. RSS widget is out for now. If LogMeIn hadn’t yanked the Hamachi status widgets, I would TOTALLY be using those (along with sprited versions of Blastoise/Dinah/Yggdrasil).
I may as well just put in a giant coin block that does nothing but make the Mario-brand coin sound on click! Kinda like how Staples has that freaking Easy Button. :P


In other news, Yggdrasil’s mobo and CPU arrived today. I’d have assembled him earlier but I was so wrapped up in coding this damned portal… and I’d rather do it during the day when I have more light. So, tomorrow, old man gets cracked open again and I go for glory! (And hopefully figure out WTF to do about the portal.)

Aah, I’m cold. Hello, 55F on the weather widget!
But, cold weather is nice… one can wrap up in a thick blanket. (Snuggie? Hell no. Might as well get a freaking Jedi cloak.)
…or… I could use Kestine as a blanket… that cat sure likes to lie on me. :3


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