(WIP) March of the Avatars III

Technically done, but I’ma hold off until everyone’s inked and colored before I post bigger versions.

Onyx, however, is hawt. He also looks kinda evil.


Unrelated note:

Dear Disney–
I like Jim Carrey as much as the next guy (Bruce Almighty, hell yeah). But in my 80’s nerd mind, there can ONLY be one rendition of the Christmas Carol that I will ever like, and that’s the one with Scrooge McDuck as ol’ Ebenezer.
Just saying. >_>;
I’ll leave the other nostalgic doods to nerd rage and strangle your overlords for not doing a badly-needed remaster/Blu-Ray release of Mickey’s Christmas Carol…

Much ♥, Yoshi

And on that note, I conk out for the night.

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