Maybe Some Hope?

Literally minutes after I posted that WIP, mother came by to ask about Iggy (she thought he was working even though I told her I’d inherited bad parts and couldn’t fix it until January). Seems I’ll be getting coins to fund parts replacement– namely, the difference between it and the deposit from my VPI checks. o.O

Trap fodder? Oh yes. But she insists– seriously, I told mother I didn’t mind waiting until January to get Iggy’s mobo and she’s all “What? No :( That’s too long to wait!” So I guess that’s decided. Better go price out the parts I need to get the final coin count…

I’m getting her at least some Starbucks for this, if not an IHOP raid (I still need to burn up this Visa gift card before December hits and non-usage fees kick in…). >_>

On a mildly-spooky other front… uh, Dinah? You’d better not be going Squirtle on me. Ever since I slapped 7 on her, sometimes Dinah will auto-hibernate after standing idle in screensaver mode for awhile. Her fans are running high, yes, but she doesn’t get THAT hot. (SpeedFan says Dinah tops out around 145F most of the time, and she’s run WAY hotter than that before.) Hm. Well, at least it’s auto-hibernate rather than SUDDEN SHUTDOWN. It could also be a hidden power-saving setting I’ve overlooked. I’ll have to poke around in there.

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