(WIP) March of the Avatars

This is not a [info]toujiron-brand picspam. Or at least one in the sense that it is out to deliberately break things.

A shrunken screencap does not do this justice. :(
That said, holy crap my primary machine is a sexy bastard. This should be a not-surprise considering I built him but, yeah.
The hilarity of course is that every time I draw Blastoise he always looks all “SERIOUS BUSINESS, KILL IT WITH SPEAR” but he’s actually a giant goofball. (See: his PSU incarnation)

Also his armor? Expect it to be shiny up the nose.

I am totally issuing wallpaper variants of all these– individuals, two trios (Blastoise/Dinah/Iggy and Onyx/Tsunami/Jin) and one with all six.
For now, sleeeep. z_z

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