This is Halloween

…and I cannot find my bloody witch hat so I can be Yoshi the Half-Assed Black Mage. Booooo!

Really, though, today’s been one gigantic lazy-fest. Well, more than it normally is.
However, I finally got to shower! And I didn’t clog the drain! Yaaaaaaay! XD

Altima Network Windows 7 Deployment: Status of the LAN right now:
Blastoise: OK, but still hates Bluetooth. Running Win7 Pro.
Dinah: OK, has a mysterious “Mass Storage Controller” that is missing drivers and I don’t know WTF it is but it doesn’t appear to be interfering with anything, so I’ll just ignore it. Running Win7 Home Premium.
Yggdrasil: DOWN, no POST, deployment postponed until late December/early January barring new parts (or the coins to loot them) magically appearing in my Magic Coin Block.
Onyx: OK (good god, mother’s desk is a MESS) Running Win7 Pro.
Tsunami: OK Running Win7 Home Premium
Jin: TBA (not yet transferred)

While Iggy’s a no-go for now… I can, however, burn gift cards and such on fixing my audio input issues in preparation for the AP podcast. Blastoise apparently hates Bluetooth in any form (so much that he cannibalized my Hamachi, hence yesterday’s sudden breakage of its software NIC), so I can’t use my badass Bluetooth headset for voice chat and whatnot. I imagine Dinah will react the same way, so I won’t even bother. Rather, I’ll just loot a USB headset that will be just for those two (and Iggy, eventually).

All is Quiet on the holiday Ramen Front… for now: I am… totally drawing blanks on what, if anything, to doodle for Across Halloween ’09. Denroll‘s already been done, and we’ve already had plenty of headfire and candy theft… and Numair the Great Pumpkin. Bah. November will be divided between prepping base graphics for the AP podcast and any Gourmet Ramens that come up (I’ll post a detailed refresher about that tomorrow), and December will hopefully yield plenty of those awesome Snowschemes. >:D

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